1. Tell us what you do Swim, run, cycle or skip J and how long you have been doing it?

 I keep active by mixing it up from time to time, I do boot camps, weights, running, xfit – but what I love doing the most – and what never feels like exercise is swimming! I have been swimming since I was 18, so nearly 10 years. People think I used to do squad, because I love it so much – not because I’m heaps fast or anything. But in fact, I hated swimming growing up, I didn’t enjoy lessons and I never made it past bluebottles (6 years old). It was only when I started swimming with my sister when I was in year 12 again, that I learnt how to do a tumble turn or how to conquer 100 metres non-stop. I could never seem to get past the 50 metre mark. But I persevered and I loved the feeling of being in the water, in the pool or ocean. 

  1. Give us three big, juicy, draw dropping reasons why you do it and/or what got you started?
  • It helps keep me SANE ! Swimming is MY moment to just let go. Whether it’s taking time out from school, university and work or sometimes just life. It’s like a silent mediation, where all you can think about is your next stroke forward. It’s helped me a lot with managing stress and anxiety in my life too! And now, it’s just part of my life. 
  • It help keep me SOCIAL ! I’ve recently found a great group of swimming in my local area and it keeps me turning up, smiling and swimming along. It’s nice to not take it too seriously. 


  • It’s helps me remember that life is SPECIAL ! It reminds me every swim, whether at my local pool or in the big blue ocean, that I can get out there and enjoy it all. And best of all, if I’m out in the ocean, it helps me keep connected and it’s totally FREE!   
  1. Tell us about a time you were so proud of yourself you couldn’t stop smiling?

Probably, the first time I swam around Shark Island – in Cronulla, Sydney. The island sits about 500 metres off the shoreline, with the swim beginning at my fav beach of all, South Cronulla and wraps around Cronulla Point. It’s a return journey, you swim clockwise around the reef island and there is usually a wave or two. The first time I did it, I had no idea where I was swimming, but no fear – I had a group of 40 odd experienced swimmers to guide me along. It wasn’t so much the distance, being only 1.6km swim, but the change of conditions that concerned me initially – waves, jellies, seaweed, fish, gropers, a stingray and the SHARKS! No-one told me there was actual sharks out there, just the beautiful, little port jackson shark-kind. They were amazing to see. I’ve snorkelled for many years beforehand, but to swim around the island and see so many types of fish, it felt like you were a part of it all. Most of all though, was when you swim around the back of the island – a big wave picks you up and you have to swim hard and fast across the ‘back of the island’, which means you get pulled along in the white wash. It’s sensational and scary, yes! But I kept my head down and kept breathing, side to side of course! Now, I join the group most weekends and every swim around the island in unique and different. I’m so glad I did it! I’m smiling now, writing this 🙂 

  1. Tell us about your local triSISTA-hood, what do you get up to together?

 Shark Island Psycho Swimmers – SIPS, my local group at Cronulla beach. Every weekend. 

  1. What would you say to women looking to get moving more often?

You never regret a swim, when you get out! 

  1. Tell us what keeps you going, when the going gets tough?

We all find it tough sometimes, just knowing this and being kind to yourself – can do wonders. Get out there and enjoy it, even the little walk around the block or a 10 minute swim in the pool. Enjoy the endorphins! 

  1. Put your favourite motto or quote into a hashtag, what would it be? #remembertouseahashtag

#justkeepswimming  – I say this all the time in my head

  1. Who is your number one supporter?

My sister, Sarah (some of you might know her). She’s pretty amazing and she’s also a pretty amazing supporter of me. She was the one who dared me to swim around Shark Island the first time. I’m lucky to have her!

  1. Where is your favourite place to train, and why?

In the ocean, I used to swim a lot in the pool and I still enjoy it for training. But nothing beats the salt and sea. I feel so at home and energised afterwards. I used to only swim during summer, and now that I swim with SIPS – I have swam all through WINTER – who would of thought! It’s amazing, the water is so clear and the ocean so powerful. It’s a whole new experience – I recommend it!

  1. What’s one thing you would like to tell your fellow triSISTAs?

 I can’t wait to read your story and meet you all. It’s great to see what you are up to and what inspires you, but most of all what keeps you going. Sometimes, life isn’t glamorous or exciting, sometimes training can just feel tough but if you can be there with a friend and enjoy a coffee afterwards, then it’s worth it!