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A New Advertising Campaign for My Brain – Part 2 of 3

How do I give myself an advertising campaign while I’m asleep? I ask my hypnotherapist. A fortnight after my first hypnotherapy session, the night terrors began. Dreams so scary, the only way to escape them was, turn on the lights and get out of bed. Each time I woke was covered in sweat and with a pounding heart.

I had an accident in the bathroom

My brain and I needed to work together. I needed to start thinking that my brain and I were on the same team. Until now, I had been battling with my brain. Up until now, my brain had been my enemy, it caused me pain, grief, inconvenience, had a mind of its own.

Living With Amnesia

Everyday, I wake with the same thoughts whirling around my head: Where am I? What day is it? How did I get here? What am I doing here?

French Connections

Je suis, je ne suis pas. I read out loud. This is insane, Am I speaking French now? This last year has been scary living with a brain injury, now I’m convinced my mind is going crazy, making random French connections.

My Brain is a PinBall Machine

I dream of my life getting back to normal but then a voice in my head wonders: If this experiment fails, will I stay like this forever, locked inside my head? No one can answer any of my questions, so I’m left thinking: I can only try.

Watching Lady Beetles

After months of tedious laser treatment for brain inflammation complete, I felt ready to get back on my feet and put this chapter behind me. I joyfully thought, I’m back now…and I did a little happy dance inside. Yet when look in the mirror, I saw lifeless eyes staring back at me. How do I heal a broken brain?

My Podcast Interview

I’ve been writing a blog for a few months now, and six weeks ago, I was invited on The Learning Capacity Podcast hosted by Peter Barnes, CEO LearnFast. Writing about my experience of brain inflammation is cathartic and healing, but to share my story using speech bought things to a whole new, raw and real level.

Thank You

Thank you to all my friends who’ve read my blog over the last four months about my recovery from brain inflammation. A few friends asked for another cooking post, so I’m sharing a special – by demand post about my latest adventures in the kitchen.